1. Sperax Features

Key Facts that make Sperax, well, Sperax.

High Performance

Sperax BDLS consensus protocol requires only four rounds of communication to reach consensus, much fewer than other BFT consensus protocols


Sperax overcame the liveness vulnerability under partially asynchronous networks widespread among BFT consensus protocols, saving its consensus from being led into unrecoverable deadlocks and guaranteeing security.

Dual coin system

Sperax ecosystem issues two tokens: SPA as the network token on BDLS and sCOIN the native stablecoin. Sperax is the first decentralised system with a native stablecoin.

Embedded Financial Services

Sperax introduced a financial layer, including stable coin and financial products, to enable developers and token holders to create an ecosystem that connects to the real economy.

Decentralised Governance

Sperax token holders have the right to governance. Collectively, they make the network better by contributing to the design & upgrade of the ecosystem.

Designed by world-leading cryptographer

Sperax consensus algorithm is designed by a world-leading cryptography research team from top-ranking universities (UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of North Carolina) led by Professor Yongge Wang. Prof. Wang is among the top cryptographers in US. He has published over a hundred peer-reviewed academic papers on various fields of cryptography including pseudorandomness, fault-tolerant computation, dependable distributed computation, and secure communications. His academic achievements speak to his expertise in designing a safe, efficient, robust blockchain system.