7. Alliance and User Scenarios

5.1 Ecosystem and Business Development

5.1.1 Decentralized Finance

5.1.2 Business Development

  • By selecting Chainlink as our oracle network, Sperax will facilitate the token economy integration, minimize interaction between end users and the blockchain itself, and further scale blockchain applications.

5.2 Case Studies

  • A virtual bank with full licenses authorized by Hong Kong Monetary Authority

    • Proposed Sperax stablecoin for the following uses cases:

      • use the fiat gateway and accept cash equivalent

      • Support cross-border transactions based on the stable coin network and offer more competitive rates

  • A Sand Hill Road based Venture Capital

    • Tokenization of its emerging crypto-focus fund

    • Integrate its mobile gaming portfolio companies on Sperax networks

  • A costume martial-arts TV series with 8 billion views on Netflix and WeTV

    • Tokenization of its worldwide fan meet-ups and concerts tickets

    • Tokenization of celebrity merch’s online marketing place