4. Distribution and Unlocking schedule

We keep in mind to always align ourselves with the benefits of investors of all kinds.

Sperax is bringing you a public sale with lower valuation, smaller liquidity, lighter selling, and a more rigorous unlocking scheme for private sale participants (compared to all other same-tier projects, including Avalanche, NEAR, Solana, Nervos and Celo).

For instance, there will be public sale tokens only while the rest of the distributions remain locked 24-48 months after launched. This indicates an extremely insignificant selling. At the same time, almost all other projects include liquidities besides public sale, i.e. team token, Foundation, ecosystem, etc.

The reason for us to illustrate this objective comparison, which is based on public information, is to showcase how Sperax sees investors not just as our supporters, but long-term partners.

Please refer to the chart below for numeric details.

Out of the total supply of 5 billion tokens: (all in USD)



Distribution breakdown

Unlocking Schedule



Will be reserved for block rewards after the mainnet is launched. They will be distributed to node operators that participate in staking.

1 year cliff

then 2 year linear



Will be distributed to the partners of the network, such as financial service providers, payment gateways, enterprise clients and academic institutions. These token holders will be able to participate in staking and ensure network security; however, the tokens will not be transferrable or tradable. It will not be part of the circulating supply.

Could not be transacted

Private Sales


Will be used in private sales.

1 year linear unlock



Will be used for ecosystem building and to incentivize developers to build on Sperax blockchain.

2 year linear



Will be used for marketing purposes to facilitate community building and exchange listing.

1% unlock at launch

1% after one month

8% 2 year linear

Team & Advisor


Will be distributed to team and advisors.

6 months cliff

then 2 year linear

Public Sales


Will be used in public sales.

For the full interactive schedule, please click here.

SPA Unlocking Schedule Chart