3. Sperax Token Economics

We implement a Dual Coin System

Sperax Token Economics



SPA ensures the incentives for users to participate in the Layer 1 BDLS consensus.

sCOIN is a fiat-pegged native stablecoin issued on the Sperax ecosystem. It is issued by financial nodes (regulated financial institutions with fiat custody) in the network.

SPA reflects the network value of Sperax. As users join the Sperax network, they could earn SPA as they run nodes and validate transactions; similar to other public blockchain, gas fees are collected in SPA as transactions happen on the Sperax blockchain.

sCOIN eases the barrier by on-boarding users holding fiat. sCOIN addresses what the fintech market is after and thereby reasonably adjusts to supply and demand. We understand that the market drivers behind fluctuations will be the key differentiator in a stablecoin market longing for change.

SPA is the governance token for the protocol.

sCOIN is geography-specific.

Sperax can support cross-border transactions in conjunction with financial service providers.

SPA has a fixed five billion supply. There will not be inflation in the future.

sCOIN has diversified dependencies.

It provides an extra layer of stability for the SPA holders by being the first native stablecoin in the public blockchain ecosystem.